About Us


The concept for Elf Shelf was proposed by a delegation from First Baptist Church Radford, who saw a similar program in Baltimore.  The first year of operation was 1993.  At that time it was held at the Radford School Board building and there were no eligibility requirements.  Consequently, it was difficult to predict demand and ensure availability of goods.  In following years, eligibility requirements were established, procedures refined, community support elicited, and Elf Shelf soon began to flourish. Radford Elf Shelf is now held each year at Grove United Methodist Church, usually the first weekend in December.

Board of Directors

President: Margaret Sproule       

Vice President: Penny Sweet  

Treasurer: Karen Smith       

Secretary: Laura Eanes    

Marketing Director: Lisa Davis  

Board Members:

Delores Smith

Palma Clark

Dana DeHart      

Community Partnerships

Over the years solid relationships have developed within the community which allow Elf Shelf to function more efficiently.  Partnerships, cooperative efforts or collaborations involved in this project include:

Rotary Club—solicitation letter mailings

Rotary representative—record keeping, financial advice

Grove United Methodist Church—screening, toy distribution, and storage site

Kollmorgen—truck/driver picks up lay-away purchases at stores and delivers to Grove

Harvey Chevrolet—new bike assembly/used bike repair 

Radford City Schools—donation of gifts

Radford Clothing Bank—loan of shopping baskets

Banks/Churches/Businesses—collection site for gifts

Radford University sororities/fraternities/athletics—volunteers