Comments From Our Radford Community

“The Elf Shelf is wonderful. It has helped me tremendously the years I have needed to use it. The ladies and men that volunteer are wonderful, they don’t make you feel down on yourself, or embarrassed for needing assistance. Last year I was in a bad time of my life. Had it not been for Elf Shelf my children wouldn’t have had a Christmas at all.”

“The Elf Shelf has helped my husband and me a whole lot. I am so glad that the city of Radford has this going at this time of the year. I know it has helped a lot of families with children and it has helped me a whole lot too.”

“The elf shelf has been such a help for me since I’ve lived here in Radford. I was able to get groceries and it has been a blessing for me since I’m on Social Security and a senior citizen.”

“The Elf Shelf has been a godsend for my family the past 3 years. I am disabled and also have a disabled son and without them he would get nothing for Christmas, especially this year with losing some of my income. Thanks, Elf Shelf and residents of Radford.”

“All the people that volunteer every year are very friendly. The atmosphere is so warm and welcoming. The Elf Shelf is a great thing that the city of Radford (Community) does to help the less fortunate. They have so many items to choose from for kids of all different ages. The food voucher is exceptional; it is more than enough to purchase a meal for the holidays so that families can enjoy being together as one.”

“The Elf Shelf helps make ends meet in hard times. Thank you Elf Shelf.”

“The Elf Shelf is a wonderful thing for low income families. I have 2 children and take care of my mother who has cancer and my husband is out of work so it’s a great help for my family.”

“The Elf Shelf has helped out a lot with getting Christmas gifts for my children. Sometimes you just need a little extra help. This is a wonderful program.”

“It has made an extreme difference for my family. It has brought smiles to my children’s faces and tears to mine. Thank you sincerely and God bless you!”

“I am a single mother of two disabled toddlers. I stay at home with them so finances are low. The Elf Shelf has made Christmas a happy occasion for us. It has helped out so much.”

On distribution day someone left a card at check-in and this is what it said:

“I don’t have a lot to give, but I have much to be thankful for. God has been so good to me. He has also blessed me with a gift of words for my poetry. Here is one of those poems for everyone who helps with the Elf Shelf in Radford Va. What a blessing this is for the people in need. This program has helped me for a few years now. On behalf of the entire community I would like to say to you all, ‘Thank you! God Bless you all and a wonderful Holiday Season to you and yours.’